#BloggersOnTheBus Event

Back in February, I was invited to the #BloggersOnTheBus event held by Stagecoach and Mediaworks to promote their new Stagecoach Buss app. For someone like myself who relies heavily on public transport apps that allow you to buy mobile tickets, plan journeys and see live bus information makes everything a lot more simple. It’s like a serious lifesaver!

I did want to take the bus to the event however I had less than 30 minutes to get to Jalou, Newcastle which is where the event was held so I couldn’t of got there on time however I have used it since the event and can definitely recommend the app to anyone who does travel regularly on the Stagecoach services. The app makes buying bus tickets a lot easier and for someone who is always running late, seeing the live times is a god send. Unfortunately I still haven’t learnt my lesson of leaving the house slightly earlier so I’m not sprinting my way to the bus stop. You can find nearby bus stops as well as plan your trip which makes you feel a lot more organised.

To celebrate the release of the Stagecoach App, we were encouraged to get in touch with our creative sides and design a phone case. On arrival, I was greeted with a drink and sweets. Who can turn down a good old Celebration chocolate and a glass of Prosecco?! I also saw one of my blogging faves, Holly, who made everything a lot more enjoyable.

Ideas were scattered around the room however their was only one that caught my eye. Myself and Holly opted for the marble design which, of course, is every bloggers dream phone cases but also one of the hardest designs to make. We decided to test it on a spare case which we actually gave to Alice since she couldn’t make it. Little did we know it actually ended up being the best, oops!

To make the marble design; we had to dot blobs of nail varnish onto paper and then press the phone case into it which gave the marble effect as the shades mixed together. I went for purples and glitter but absolutely loved it! I am so proud of mine and Holly’s designs, they turned out brilliant if I do say so myself.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Stagecoach and Mediaworks for such an amazing event and I am very much looking forward to the next one!

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Happy Easter Weekend!

Easter; a time for family, friends and celebrations for most. For others, it involves a 4-day weekend in front of Netflix whilst eating your body weight in chocolate. For me, it’s a fresh start. A new beginning. Why? Because I miss blogging. I miss being apart of such a fabulous community. I miss talking about makeup and beauty. Although I can’t talk about the new collection that Lush has released, still recovering from the operation, there are other things that I want to rave on about starting with these cupcakes that me and Emilee made last time she was here.

As soon as I saw Zoella’s Easter Chocolate Cupcake recipe video, I knew that it was something I wanted to do when she came up for nearly a full week. Noel even tried a taste of the cake and loved it! He kept pointing at them on the plate wanting more. I found the micro eggs in Sainsbury’s but I am sure you could just use one of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs for each nest. They tasted super delicious and I highly recommend making some yourself with all the leftover chocolate.

Yesterday I went for a walk with Millie and Charlie at Warkworth. I don’t know who loved it more; me or them. It gave me a lot of thinking space to decide what direction I want to go in with my blog and how I can be happy with what I am writing. I went and had a lovely meal at Topsey Turvey’s Café and then drove up to Morwick’s Dairy Farm for the best ice cream in the North East. Seriously, it’s definitely worth the hour long drive from Newcastle…

Today, I have had a lovely, relaxing day. I got the most beautiful necklace from my Aunt and some lovely Easter themed mugs to add to my collection. I am sure you will see them both photographed on my Instagram sooner rather than later. I have also been reading Hannah Witton’s new book, Doing It, which is a fantastic read if you want to feel more comfortable talking about sex and relationships with the people around you. I have decided I am going to try and post twice a week on this little space, Wednesdays and Sundays. I hope that is okay with everyone. I would just prefer to spend more time making my posts really good quality rather than posting a lot of content that I am not happy with. I also have a full time job that needs my full concentration to be able to function so unfortunately, I need to wave goodbye to the 3am laptop club where I can catch up on blogs and writing. I do have a couple of blogging events that I want to talk about and then I will probably go back to talking predominately about beauty with a bit of lifestyle thrown in.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and a very happy Easter!

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Life Update

I have been putting this off for a few weeks now. I miss blogging but I feel like an update is in order so we can all move on and for The July Journal to be happy and positive again. My regular readers, yes you are all amazing, will know that I haven’t published anything since Valentine’s Day. I have stayed away from most social media and only really shared anything on Snapchat if I really wanted too. Things happen in real life that you just need to take a break from everything. I wasn’t ready to share any of it until now. Perhaps because my mind has had time to deal with it.

Last month Edd and I  split up. It was his decision and to be honest with you I have been broken. There was no middle. It was just really good and then really rubbish in the matter of days. Some of you may be thinking ‘why has it took you this long to get over it‘ but when someone is thinking they are going to spend the rest of their life with this person and the other person doesn’t think the same way, it tears you apart inside and throws you off track a bit. I had a plan while I was with Edd and all that changed in the space of a night. I just wasn’t prepared because I was so happy with him.

The day after we broke up, I started my first full time permanent job. It’s nothing exciting but I just knew I needed to concentrate on that so my blog took the back seat again. I didn’t feel like blogging at the weekends. I just wanted to avoid social media, avoid people and avoid conversations with everyone. I wasn’t eating. My life revolved around getting ready for work and putting a smile on my face. It drained all my energy that by the time I opened the door at 18:30 I just wanted to sleep. Three weeks of training later and I was finally starting to get back to normal.

I then got rushed into hospital in a lot of pain, extremely low blood pressure and not being able to keep anything down. After blood tests, scans and ultrasounds they finally found what has been causing my on going back pain. My gallbladder was inflamed and I had gall stones. Four days later and I had keyhole surgery to remove it. I have been on the sick ever since. Luckily, it should only take 6-8 weeks to fully recover and I have already started to feel a little bit better.

I just wanted to get back into blogging. I wanted to get all of this off my chest so I can concentrate on talking about all my favourite things again. This blog is like my diary. It’s where I share my life so it’s important that I keep you in the loop. It’s easy to rave about your favourite lipstick or share an amazing cupcake recipe but when you have personal things going on, the words just don’t come. It’s as though you lose your mind for a bit. I’ve still been keeping up with all my favourite bloggers and YouTubers and without them I don’t think I would have survived this mess.

So what am I doing now? I’m going back to work next week. I am doing okay. I am going to concentrate on myself and find myself again. Things are slowly getting back to normal. As far as my blog is concerned, I don’t really want to continue talking about my life for the time being. I would rather talk about beauty and skincare or foodie things. I hope that is okay with everyone.

I guess I need to press publish now…