Northern Lights Bath Ballistic by Lush

Northern Lights is a new bath bomb which Lush brought out this year. It’s inspiration is fireworks however that doesn’t reflect the nature of this product. The unusual shape of the bath bomb was introducing something new to Lush which many of us bloggers quite liked. The ends fizz away slowly to reveal a lovely double ended show for you to watch. The blue and yellow ends turned the water to a lovely lilac, calming, jasmine-scented bath resembling a night sky with the sparkle like stars. The Ylang Ylang Oil is brilliant for fighting stress and depression whereas the Jasmine Absolute is used to treat sensitive skins and muscular pains.
Have you tried the Northern Lights Bath Bomb?
  • I haven't tried this bath bomb, although it looks so nice! I love the colours when it starts to melt.

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  • I wish I got more of them because they were limited edition to Halloween :( xx

  • Oh my god, I neeeeeed to try this – It looks so pretty! Lush is my favourite shop ever xx

  • I am not sure whether they still have it or not, think it might be a seasonal one xx