The Sunday Post: Hyde Park Walks

I feel like I owe myself some ‘me’ time away from my home town. Last week, this is exactly what I did. Phill and I headed off to London and stayed with his dad for nearly a week. I felt as though I could truly relax before the stress of semester two. Venturing to Hyde Park within the space of five minutes was a regular occurrence for us and it almost turned into a morning tradition during our stay. I find it amazing how something as quiet and calming as Hyde Park could be in the centre of the busiest city in the UK and I can’t wait to return sometime soon.
Do you have that special place which you enjoy returning to time and time again? It’s always nice to just get away from things sometimes!
  • Oh, you have some truly gorgeous pictures! I love the game with the lights and the darks, really beautiful! The Hyde Park is looking brilliant by the way! I do also have my little places where I like to scape sometimes, like a beach walk in Barcelona, my home town. Good luck with your second semestre! With Love,

  • Thank you so much for your thoughts on my post! :) xx

  • Oh my gosh you got some incredible photos, I am glad you got some time to relax- we all need to xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  • such a pretty place!

    from helen at

  • Thank you Jessica and your completely right by that one! :) xxx

  • 100% agreed! :) xx

  • Gemma

    Lovely photos! Need to visit more of what’s around me in London x

    Gem x

    • I honestly love it when I go down to London, best decision I make. I think when you live somewhere you kind of forget what is around you and don’t really appreciate it :) xx

  • Thank you Tegan! :) xx