How To Promote Your Posts

I have watched the blogosphere grow. I’ve read a lot of posts from those who love writing but what interests me is how bloggers decide to share their talent. At the end of the day what’s the point of writing a blog without sharing it to the rest of the world?! Although your blog can just be for you, if that’s what you want. For me, and probably like everyone else reading this, I want as many people to read what I’ve wrote as possible. I want to be able to reach my target audience  in the best way possible and make a good impression. Now I am not saying I am an expert in this field but I know a couple of useful ways to share a post and get feedback from it that works for me.

Hashtags help your posts be seen by others across social media. Every single time I promote my posts I use certain hashtags such as #lbloggers and #cfbloggers. Others to consider could be #bbloggers for beauty bloggers, #fbloggers for fashion bloggers and #ptbloggers for parent bloggers although there are hundreds of other options too! You can use certain hashtags on Instagram too. I know a lot of bloggers add them to a comment underneath the photo caption to make it look neat.

It’s important to use images in your blog promotions to attract people to your posts. Images are attractive! Everyone knows this because that’s what grabs your attention. In comparison to promotional posts without images, those with are more than likely to appear higher within the search across social media channels. A lot of blogger friends that I know don’t even click on a link if it isn’t accompanied by an image.

Commenting on other blogs is an amazing way to start talking to other bloggers and promoting your links too. However don’t forget the main reason you comment is replying to the post they have written but you can include your link underneath the comment next to your name.

The most useful social media I have found is through Twitter. Blogger chats are an amazing way to get your blog out there without pushing it on people. I try and keep my Twitter professional and personal rather than spamming my followers with promotional posts. I usually share my Bloglovin’ link twice and share my post from the day three times. Don’t forget those images either!

Facebook can also be an excellent promotional tool for your blog. I hate using Facebook! However this doesn’t mean I don’t use it. Groups such as the North East Bloggers and Cruelty Free Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion Bloggers are perfect for sharing my link when I post something new. I rarely share my posts in the groups but when I do, I get a lot of feedback and support from my friends within the groups.

Most importantly, choose the right social media for you! Just because Facebook is a good promotional tool for your favourite bloggers doesn’t mean that it is for you. I get most of my traffic from Twitter and LinkedIn because I have the biggest audience across both of them social media channels.


Finally, you’ve managed to get someone to click on your little corner of the Internet! Promoting your blog doesn’t just feature across social media channels, you need to continue your promotion across your blog too. Every blog layout that I have seen has included: a ‘popular posts’ section so the reader can look at previous posts, categories for multiple topic bloggers, recent posts that share your selected number of posts you’ve written recently and a ‘search’ box. Adding these features to your blog makes the reader’s visit worthwhile and may lead to a follow or for them to click on your link in the future. Not only that but it makes your blog user friendly and easier to read and find things. A pet peeve that I have is clicking on someone’s blog and I can’t find certain information that I want.

There you have it! My guide on helping you promote your blog posts. Do you find any of these useful? If you have any other tips don’t be afraid to share them in the comments!