Chocolate Vice Palette VS Sweet Peach Palette

Hands up if your lusting over the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette! I’m lucky enough to own it but in a recent visit up to my hometown, I forgot to pack it in my bag. I decided to pick up the Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup dupe; the Chocolate Vice Palette and see how it compares.

Obviously the packaging is completely different to each other; Sweet Peach is aimed for Summer makeup looks. The packaging is bright and can easily be noticed in a collection of palettes whereas the Chocolate Vice palette looks good enough to eat in the shape of a chocolate bar. The both come with decent sized mirrors however the Vice palette includes a double ended sponge applicator when the Sweet Peach palette doesn’t.

There are definitely strong similarities that I have noticed at first glance. The ones I noticed are: white peach and appeal, luscious and persuade, tempting and lust, charmed I’m sure and treat, nectar and require, candied peach and must, peach pit and crave, peaches ‘n cream and sway and summer yum and maleficence.

Left Side:Sweet Peach Palette, Right Side:Chocolate Vice Palette

Of course, the Sweet Peach palette has two extra shades but considering there’s a lot of duplicate shades in a palette that has less shades anyway – I think that’s quite good for the money that your paying. The other clear difference that I did notice was the Chocolate Vice palette seemed to have a lot more pigmented shimmers than the Sweet Peach palette.

The quality of both palettes definitely differ. Your paying £36 for one and a fraction of that price for the other however I have always been fond of the Makeup Revolution eyeshadows as a drugstore brand. I think they are amazing quality for the price you pay and lasts just as long as that of a high-end brand.

Overall, the palette isn’t a perfect dupe for the Sweet Peach but there are some amazing colours which are very similar in both palettes. The colour selection is beautiful in both with a lovely mix of shimmers and matte shades. The pigmentation is virtually the same in both as well. If you are on a budget then it’s definitely worth taking a look at the Chocolate Vice palette as an option to add to your collection especially at the £7.99 price tag.

What’s your thoughts? Do you think they are quite similar to each other?

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  • I love the MUR highlighters, haven’t tried any eyeshadow palettes though.

    • I think they are definitely good quality for the money that you pay :) xx

  • Lady Writes

    I’ve got the Sweet Peach and I love it. Those swatches look so similar, so it’s a good dupe! x

    • I love my Sweet Peach palette but I’ve found myself reaching for the cheaper one more :) xx

  • Rosie Ireland

    I love the sweet peach! I love your swatches! It’s too hard to pick between them!

    • They are both so lovely :) xx

  • I’m dying to pick up the sweet peach palette, it looks gorgeous. I love that Makeup Revolution offer cheaper alternatives though, I have a couple of their palettes and they’re very good quality! x

    Gemma Louise

    • I agree Gemma, the quality of the palettes are so good for the price you pay :) xx

  • Sarah Sullivan

    I want the peach pallette so badly, I got the makeup revolution chocolate and peaches, which is good enough haha x

    • I haven’t got the chocolate and peaches one, perhaps something you could put on your Christmas list :) xx

  • I love Makeup Revolution but I’ve not tried this palette yet! I don’t have the sweet peach palette but I do love the look of the colours so I’ll be sire to grab the chocolate vice palette next time I’m in a Superdrug and give it a try!

    • Let me know what you think of the chocolate vice palette, I would love to know your thoughts :) xx

  • Caroline Henson

    The peachy shades are very similar! I wish Too Faced would’ve made the overall palette peachier though. Makeup Revolution are amazing at dupes. I have their version of Kat Von D’s Shade & Light palette & it’s brilliant! xx

    • what’s their version of the Kat Von D’s shade and light palette? :) xx

      • Caroline Henson

        It’s the Light & Shade palette haha. They literally just switched the words! I never would’ve found it if Kat Von D hadn’t complained about it on Instagram but it’s such a good neutral palette xx