12th October 2014

The Sunday Post: Whitley Bay Classic Car Show

The other week while I was walking the dog, I came across floods of people on The Links which over look the Whitley Bay coast. After researching and running back home to grab my camera, I found out that it was the Annual Classic Car Show. More than 250 classic cars were on display and guests could take a look at the selection of vintage buses which attracted people from the local area. There was refreshments and live music to keep the locals entertained as well as having the opportunity to ride on one of the vintage buses. I wanted to share with you some of the snaps which I took from the morning as the cars nowadays look completely different to the cars back then.

4 responses to “The Sunday Post: Whitley Bay Classic Car Show”

  1. Jessica Edmunds says:

    WOW I absolutely love car shows I am completely clueless but I love having a look and enjoying the entertainment they bring it's such a good day! xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

  2. Yasmina Magdy says:

    I am completely clueless too but having the boyfriend there to help distinguish the cars from each other was so helpful and I learnt some amazing things while I was there! :) xxc

  3. How cool is that! So strange looking at that Ambulance, it comparison to what they're like now! Those mini coopers are cute too :) xx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

  4. Yasmina Magdy says:

    It was a particular favourite of mine, I just loved seeing all the old cars and things :) xx