26th November 2014

Winter Walks

Sometimes it’s just nice to grab your coats and scarves, put Sunney on the lead and go for a walk. On Sunday, this is what Phill and I did and honestly (I am sure I have mentioned it before) I love Whitley Bay so much!
I am sorry that I haven’t really be online a lot but University is really busy recently and I am just trying to keep on top of everything especially after having my spare days filled with shifts at MenKind. By the way who else is excited to start their advent calenders in less than a week?!
How have you guys been?

8 responses to “Winter Walks”

  1. Your dog Sunney is adorable! The sand on his nose is adorable. I know you feel about being busy and time just flying by, balancing blogging, working AND uni is hard work isn't it!! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. Yasmina Magdy says:

    Thank you, Sunney is the cutest dog I know! I love him so much…balancing all those different things is certainly so hard!! I am really struggling to keep up with everything at the moment :( xx

  3. Alice Young says:

    Aww your dog <3 lovvee these photos!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Yasmina Magdy says:

    Thank you Alice! :) xx

  5. Jessica Edmunds says:

    Eek I know the feeling I am getting bogged under but you got some amazing shots, I love seaside walks!!! Despite living on the seafront I fail to go very often which is a shame xxx


  6. Yasmina Magdy says:

    I sometimes take it for granted myself, its always good though xxx

  7. Lauren Piper says:

    Gorgeous photos! I'd love to live by the sea.

    Lauren x

  8. Yasmina Magdy says:

    Thank you Lauren xx