8th December 2014

Bookshelf Lovin’

Reading for me isn’t something which comes naturally. I struggle with dyslexia on a daily basis, so having to deal with university and the amount of reading which goes into it just sucks the fun out of other books. However, over the years I have done my fair share of book shopping and fell under the trap of wanting to read it. While some have managed to read them within a day or two, maybe even a week, it’s took me about a month and a half read it and understand what the book is trying to tell you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading as much as the next person. Today, I will be sharing with some of my favourites.
What are your favourite books? Do you have dyslexia too?

6 responses to “Bookshelf Lovin’”

  1. Tegan Seymour says:

    Keep up the good work Yasmina, I love reading, but I also love movies and tv shows and blogging and video games, and I'm not very good at finding equal time for all of them, so I haven't read any books in ages. I love the Sookie Stackhouse Novels and of course HP.

    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

  2. Jessica Hayes says:

    I love how neat your bookshelf is haha. The fault in our stars is one of my favourites too and I have just bought Girl Online! Great choices :) xx


  3. Heather McCorriston says:

    I love looking at book shelves…does that make me weird! Harry Potter is my all time favourite book series. TFIOS is the only one of your books I have read, I wasn't actually all that keen!

    Heather x

  4. Yasmina Magdy says:

    I love the harry potter films but I mostly read blogs than anything else xxx

  5. Yasmina Magdy says:

    Thanks Jess, I am reading Girl Online everyday, love it so far! :) xxx

  6. Yasmina Magdy says:

    That's surprising, have you read any other John Green books? xxx