31st July 2015

Vegan Life Magazine: July/August Edition

I love summer. I love how you can spend days doing nothing but read a good book or in my case flick through my favourite magazines when I get chance. This summer I am currently working two zero hour contract jobs whilst maintaining both of my blogs and under going some essential work experience – with all this going on I very rarely get five minutes to myself but when I do it’s usually spent reading the Vegan Life Magazine.

To me, the Vegan Life has become my monthly holy grail product which has some amazing facts, recipes and information on the vegan lifestyle. I thought that it is about time I share my passion and interests with my fellow readers hoping that it will come of interest to some of you. This month I am just going to introduce the magazine itself and see what you can expect.

Vegan Life July/August

Vegan Life July/August

My favourite feature of the Vegan Life Magazine is definitely the Accidental Vegan articles. This section introduces normal treats and snacks that are suitable for vegans. I bet you didn’t know that Starburst, Skittles, Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps, Tesco’s Bourbon Biscuit Spread and Fox’s Chunkie Cookies are all suitable for us vegans too!

Vegan Life July/August

There is a whole section each month on What’s New? in the vegan community. This usually contains products that makes our lives easier and tastier. This month features one of my favourite cookbooks, Peace and Parsnips and the well-loved Nakd Nibbles.

Vegan Life July/August

Another favourite section of mine is the Vegan Planet dedicated to vegan news from around the world. I love reading up on vegan news and find it so amazing how it is becoming a much more recognised lifestyle across many countries, not just the UK.

Vegan Life July/August

Another helpful resource especially for new vegans is the How To Veganise…, I think it is really important to promote the vegan lifestyle but also the large variety of options that is available to veganism. For example, there is eleven ways of replacing eggs.

Vegan Life July/August

Last but not least, the magazine includes many recipes each month for readers to try. This month it is based around pizza, ice cream and summer foods. I haven’t tried any of the recipes from this month’s issue yet but I am intrigued with the pancakes and the crumpets!

What do you think of the Vegan Life Magazine? Are you a regular buyer?

I am a member of the Vegan Life Blogger Community and receive a digital subscription free of charge however I have brought my own subscription of the physical magazine with my own money. 

3 responses to “Vegan Life Magazine: July/August Edition”

  1. Courtney Elizabeth says:

    I’ve never actually heard of Vegan Life Magazine before! I’m not a vegan, but these recipes look amazing! I might have to have a look! :) xo


    • Yasmina says:

      I think it is amazing! You don’t need to be a vegan, just by it for the recipe inspirations :) xx

  2. Hilary says:

    Wow they look delicious<3 thanks for sharing, Can we follow each other’s blog to support each other?:) please let me know if you are interested so I can follow your blog back:)