The Sunday Post: Beat The BBQ Blues Vegan Style

Vegan BBQ

Summer. That time of year where you have the delicious, tasty BBQ smell most afternoons coming from somewhere in your local area. But did you know that BBQ’s don’t have to be about the meat? There are some amazing vegan friendly alternatives out on the market too so we don’t need to feel deprived of spending time with the family.

Vegan BBQ

First up is Linda McCartney Sausages. Simple and easy to BBQ and they taste super delicious. Did I mention that they are vegan too? You certainly wouldn’t believe it if you ever tasted them! I also know that Sainsbury’s do a wide selection of vegan friendly burgers in the frozen section which taste super delicious too. I highly recommend the Morocann Style Burgers made with chickpeas and vegetables, and the Nut Cutlets. I know that they do Sweet Potato, Quinoa and Lentil Burgers too which sound delicious and I’m eager to try!

Vegan BBQ

Most bread buns are suitable for vegans too. If you live anywhere near the Co-Op, it’s worth checking the logos as they now taste which are suitable for vegans. Super handy if you ask me. I also know that most of Sainsbury’s buns is okay as well, just double check those labels before buying!

Vegan BBQ

Most of you reading this may already be aware that there are substitutes for butters already. My favourite is definitely the Pure Sunflower Dairy Free Butter but I do like Sainsbury’s Own FreeFrom too. Sauces are usually fine too, this goes for tomato sauce, bbq sauce and I’ve even found Chippa May-O tastes delicious as well. Recently I have found out that any of the Nando’s Marinades are suitable for vegans too so you could marinade the sausages or the burger in the sauce and grill on the BBQ until cooked for your own home cooked vegan Nando’s meal. I haven’t personally tried it myself but I bet it will taste delicious!

Vegan BBQ

Corn on the Cob BBQ’ed tastes divine! I love having these with any summer meal because they taste super delicious. I have only recently discovered my love for Jacket Potato too. I like the fluffy potato and the crispy skin as well as the BBQ tastes. Of course you could make a bean or leafy green salad to go on the side or even your very own coleslaw with the vegan mayo. The possibilities for vegans at a BBQ are endless!

Are you a vegan? What do you have at a summer BBQ?



  1. Sarai
    21st August 2015 / 3:51 pm

    Ahhhh I LOVE These sausages! They do these rosemary flavoured ones which are amazing too.

    • Yasmina
      21st August 2015 / 8:28 pm

      I agree!! The rosemary ones taste delicious too! :) xx