28th February 2016

The Sunday Post: Introducing My Nephew

I never really knew what love felt like until recently. I’ve met Noel, my baby nephew, twice now and he really has stolen my heart. He is the first little addition to the family in such a long time but has become the most special family member ever. He is so special that I wanted to make a post dedicated to him because he is special to me.

Introducing My Nephew

Introducing My Nephew

For those of you who are interested, he was born weighing in at 7lb 5oz at about 3.30pm in the afternoon around Christmas time. I wish I could see him a lot more but my sister and I live in different parts of the country. I was so surprised how alert he was the last time I saw him and I love seeing all of the photos and videos of him on What’s App. I can’t wait to see him again!

Have you got any nephews or nieces? Do you see them often?


2 responses to “The Sunday Post: Introducing My Nephew”

  1. Kotryna Bass says:

    Very warm post! That baby is the cutest!

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