1st February 2016

Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb Review

The Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb is one that I have been wanting to get my hands on for a while now. It’s an Oxford Street exclusive so unfortunately it’s not available online but after using it once I am certainly craving another one. Thankfully, the lovely Danielle from Social Media Of Me sold me one along with a couple of other bits that will be featured in the future.

Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb Review

Upon first glance you will see that the Sacred Lotus is like no other bath bomb. The design comes from the Buddhist symbol for fortune but also to create a very unique bath display. I love how bright and cheerful the colours look together. Unfortunately the design isn’t practical for transportation therefore if you do decide to pick it up, travel with it carefully and wrapped in loads of tissue so it doesn’t break!

The bath bomb has Neroli Oil which has been scientifically proven to increase serotonin production in the brain, which makes us feel more content and happy. It is also known to help with sleep and pain. From the use of previous bath bombs with Neroli Oil in, I know that this is true as I always have a better night sleep after using a product with that certain essential oil in. Along with the fruity scent, the bath bomb also contains Jasmine and Tonka Absolute that are great for sensitive skin and giving Sacred Lotus a unique scent.

Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb Review

Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb Review

Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb Review

The bath bomb smells lovely when it is fizzing in the bath however it isn’t a strong and overpowering scent. The formulation made my skin feel a lot more nourished and soft. I have also filmed a demo for my YouTube channel which you can view here if you wish.

Have you tried Sacred Lotus before? What’s your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Anice Smith says:

    This looks splendid ! And the photos are just amazing!

    Great blog so far! Looking forward to see what are you going to write about in the future!