3rd March 2016

February’s Love List

Does anyone else think that February has just gone in a blink of an eye?! It’s been quite a busy month with Pancake Day, Valentine’s and Edd’s Birthday so there has been quite a couple of moments that I wanted to include in this month’s love list.

February's Love List

February's Love List

I finally got my room to how I like it so I couldn’t not mention a couple of things that I love around my room. Firstly is George’s Marvellous Medicine Duvet Set. I have actually brought all of the DVDs including the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love how it gives my room some character without feeling too childish. There’s a couple of cushions from the set that are already on my wish list. I also picked up the Watercolour Poppy cushion from Sainsbury’s in the sale which I think goes perfectly with the set. I have also planted one of my cacti into a old Lush pot which looks amazing on my window sill. The idea was taken from Lauren who writes at What Lauren Did Today who you should all go and follow because she is amazing! Another bedroom favourite which I have loved creating this month is my tapestry wall. It was so easy and simple to do. I brought the fabric from Amazon and threaded the wire through the seam and hung it up to my wall using nails. I have actually filmed a video on my YouTube channel (I would love it if you can subscribe!) of my room where you can see it clearly.

February's Love List

As I was sorting out my room I managed to dig out my Nintendo DS with all of my favourite games. You would have probably found me playing on this when I had any spare time this month; it’s also been a really good distraction on long public transport journeys. My favourite game is most definitely Fire Emblem; a role-playing tactical game where you work your way through a set of levels. Edd and I also finished watching Making A Murderer in February too. Apparently they are making a new series as new evidence has appeared to try and clear Avery from the accusations made against him. In summary, I believe that Avery had nothing to do with the death of Teresa Halbach. We’ve now started the Scream series that is also on Netflix and have nearly finished it. I have watched it before and got hooked from the very start…I watched all ten episodes in a day.

I don’t know where I would be without this little monster. Basically, Ed was given to me from my boyfriend as a Christmas present. He is a worry eater where you put all of your worries into his mouth and he makes them all go away. Surprisingly, it’s helped me get to sleep! If I find myself worrying about something, I write it down on a little piece of paper, fold it up and throw it into his mouth so I don’t need to think about it anymore. He has really helped overcome some situations that I have had to tackle this month and will probably continue to do so.

Moving onto beauty related favourites; I have been loving the Lush Kitchen’s Lemon Melt Shower Gel. Not only is it a citrus scented pot of gold packed full of lemongrass and bergamot oils and fresh lemon juice but it also includes cocoa butter which we all know is brilliant for softening and moisturising the skin. Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum has also been a firm favourite this month especially with all the wet and windy weather. I usually apply a little amount to damp hair by running it through the middle to the tips of my hair. It really does keep the frizz away until my hair next needs washing. I haven’t really changed my makeup and skincare routine up since January but I am still loving the Naked 3 palette which I mentioned in January’s Love List.

February's Love List

Finally Edd’s birthday cake tasted AMAZING! I wish you were all there to try a piece because it tasted so delicious!

How has this month been for you? What’s been your favourites from February?


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