10th March 2016

February’s Lush Kitchen Round Up

February was the month where the Lush Kitchen received most of my money. It’s left me with quite a lot of treats to try out which I am so excited about! Anyway, grab yourself a cuppa and relax…and read.

February's Lush Kitchen Round Up

The Lemon Melt Shower Gel has quickly became one of my favourite products from the Kitchen. The zesty treat is hydrating and softening on the skin as it includes cocoa butter. The fresh lemon juice makes this a lovely shower treat to help rejuvenate your mood and help prepare you in the morning, especially those difficult Monday mornings where you just want to snuggle up in bed instead of going to work or University. The Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb smells amazing; the jasmine and vanilla absolute make the bath bomb smells amazing and are brilliant for sensitive skin. Supertramp is one of the products that I’ve heard smells amazing so when I saw it in the Kitchen I couldn’t resist picking a bottle up before it runs out again. It’s not one of my favourite scents by Lush however I can imagine that it will be quite nice with Guardian Of The Forest or Green Bubbleroon. It has white horehound that cleanses the skin whereas the peppermint gives the fresh top note to the shower gel. It also includes rose and lavender infusion that help calm the mind and aid restful sleep.

February's Lush Kitchen Round Up

So Guardian Of The Forest is a exclusive at the Lush Oxford Street store however you are able to get your hands on it online. It’s one which I have been wanting to try for a while now because cypress oil helps calms the mind while the lime and rosewood oil are really uplifting. The bath bomb also contains shimmer from lustre which is just another reason why I can’t wait to try it. I picked up the Dream On Bath Bomb and Hot Milk? Bubble Bar as a pair because they sound as though the scents would mix together well. Dream On is filled with nourishing cocoa butter and jojoba oil which the chamomile and lavender oils are the perfect combination for a goodnight sleep. The Hot Milk? Bubble Bar contains softening coconut milk, relaxing patchouli oil and Brazilian orange oils to help uplift your mood. Finally, Golden Slumbers is another Oxford Street exclusive that helps to aid a goodnights sleep. This golden glittery treat contains lavender, chamomile and neroli oils are are all lovely relaxing scents.

Have you managed to try any of these products out? Let me know if you’ve brought anything from the Lush Kitchen recently!

2 responses to “February’s Lush Kitchen Round Up”

  1. Jayd Alice says:

    I need to shop on Lush Kitchen more, I always miss out on some fab products. Vanilla Fountain sounds so lovely! x


    • Yasmina says:

      I used it tonight and it was lovely, definitely could smell the vanilla scent! Let me know if you decide to pick anything up from the Kitchen any time soon :) xx