30th October 2016

Four Little Things #SnackingEdition


I’m probably not the only one who struggles with eating healthy at work let alone being a vegan as well. As soon as the biscuit tin is broken into at work, I am immediately on the lookout for something to munch on. However, now I have been in this situation many times, I think I have narrowed my favourite afternoon snacks down that won’t leave me (nor you) feeling sluggish and ready for an afternoon nap.

I finally managed to try the Alpro Go On yogurts and they taste amazing! For any of you living under a rock, they are soya based yogurts with a fruit coolie underneath. I usually eat the fruit part separate to the yogurt but many people really like stirring it altogether. My favourite is most definitely the passion fruit flavour. If your following a diet like me, they are really low in syns too so perfect if you are wanting to lose weight.

Cereal bars aren’t just for breakfast you know! At around 90 calories per bar, they are a lot more filling than your colleagues’ digestive biscuit. For those of you who are vegan, the Alpen Light Jaffa Cake flavour tastes so good! Two of these little bars also class as a healthy extra ‘b’ on the Slimming World diet too.

If none of these tickle your fancy, then you can have a look at Citrix GoToMeeting’s infographic, 15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity, where they share some amazing snack ideas. The other day I created a vegan friendly version of the Turkey Roll-Ups by using V Bites Cheatin Ham Style slices and wrapping them around breadsticks. Not only was it really quick and easy to make but it tasted amazing! The other idea I really like the sound of is the kale chips. Not only is it full of nutritious vitamins but they seem as though they would be really quick and easy to take to work.

Last but not least is fruit. Bananas are my favourite because they are an easy, pick up and take to work kind of fruit. They taste delicious and provides you with a source of energy that is much better than a bar of Dairy Milk. I usually take a punnet of Strawberries, Raspberries or Blackberries to have on my desk too as they are really easy to dig at when you’re feeling peckish.

What snacks do you usually reach out for when your needing a boost of energy or an afternoon snack? Let me know your favourites.


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6 responses to “Four Little Things #SnackingEdition”

  1. Dee says:

    OOOH! Love this post!! One of my biggest downfalls has to be snacking! I used to eat so much rubbish when I was younger but I’m trying to maintain a healthier selection! Fruit is always on my list…apples, bananas and grapes! I did love yoghurts but they contain so much sugar that I went off them! Might have to be inspired by this post and write about my own snacking! XD

    Dee | Prompts by Dee xoxo

    • Yasmina says:

      Snacking has always been my downfall too however I am always reaching for the fruit now too, I didn’t know yogurts have a lot of sugar in them :) xx

  2. summer says:

    Looks like you snack really well! I struggle so much with snacks.. Im so guilty of grabbing a bag of crisps if I get peckish!
    Summer xx

    • Yasmina says:

      That’s how I used to be like but since putting on loads of weight, I have wanted to change my eating habits for the better :) xx

  3. Michelle says:

    I consume similar snacks, but US versions. I’m interested in becoming vegan one day so I’m starting off with snacks first. ♥