3rd January 2017

Pretty Suds Katch ‘Em Bath Bomb Review

It wouldn’t be the July Journal way to begin 2017 properly on this little corner of the internet without reviewing some kind of bath bomb. After all the Lush Christmas releases, I thought it was about time to share something new, completely new! I came across Pretty Suds UK when looking for a Pokéball bath bomb to gift to Edd but when I finally came across their Christmas gift set, I couldn’t help but order one for myself to review on here. For all you Pokémon, bath loving fans out there this one is for you; introducing the Katch ‘Em Ball Bath Bomb.

The overall bath experience definitely exceeded my expectations. As the Pokéball style bomb fizzed away in the water, it left a blanket of circular white and pink-red tones that released the uplifting but not sickening scent of candy sweets similar to Skittles or Chewits. The bath bomb has sweet almond oil which gives it the sweet scent but other than that there is not much else to it. Pretty Suds UK states: “most of our products are vegan friendly” and “we make our products handmade” so I was thrilled to find out that they are cruelty free too. I added a bit of Peeping Santa to the water before hand to give the added extra bubbles but this really wasn’t needed.

The most exciting part of the bath bomb itself was that it contains a Pokémon which could be from any of the generations. I got a Nosepass which came from the third generation of Pokémon and which is from the Rock family. Overall, I really enjoyed my whole experience with Pretty Suds and the bath bomb. They are such a lovely and family orientated company that want customers to only have the best experience with themselves. The bath bomb is an affordable treat and just as good as the ones that Lush, their main competitor, creates. What a way to start a new year than with a new brand to fall in love with all over again?!

Have you ever heard/brought from Pretty Suds UK? What’s your thoughts? Let me know which bath bombs take your fancy.

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10 responses to “Pretty Suds Katch ‘Em Bath Bomb Review”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh! My girls love bath bombs but I have never heard of Pretty Suds UK! I’ve just had a peek at their site and I think it’s one for me to bookmark!
    That Pokemon ball is fantastic….What a fab idea.

    • Yasmina says:

      I absolutely love it and I definitely want to try more of their products, you’ll have to let me know what your girls think :) xx

  2. Natasha Todd says:

    This is such an amazing idea I have never heard of Pretty Suds before but I am checking them out right now. I love bath bombs but never take the time to have baths that often (I do wash, I’m just more of a shower girl haha) but these sound so good I’m going to have to spend more time in the bath now!! x

    Tash | natashatodd.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Cat says:

    This is adorable! I might have to order my boyfriend one for Valentines :D He’s obsessed with Pokemon xx


  4. Samantha Pinkie says:

    I need to try this! If only for the Pokemon surprise. I’ll have to check this brand out, it’s great that they are cruelty free. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  5. RosieBaillie says:

    A Pokemon bath bomb sounds like the best way to chill in a bath. I’d never heard of Pretty Suds before; I tried to check them out but their website is being done up, so I’ll have to check back in a few days. I definitely would love a Pokemom bath bomb in my life.