1st December 2017

13 Films To Get You Into The Festive Spirit

“The best way to get into the Christmas spirit is singing loud for all to hear!” Am I the only one who doesn’t sing their heart out to all the Christmas films? Probably. I find the best way to get into the festive spirit is by cracking open the box of chocolates, snuggling on the sofa with candles burning and fairy lights sparkling with a good old Christmas film. I thought I would share with you my favourites…


The Holiday

Arthur Christmas


The Grinch

The Polar Express

Home Alone Collection

The Snowman & The Snowman And The Snowdog

Miracle on 34th Street

An Elf’s Story

The Santa Clause Collection


The Muppet Christmas Carol

What are your favourite films to get you in the festive spirit?

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19 responses to “13 Films To Get You Into The Festive Spirit”

  1. Yiotou_La says:

    Elf is my favourite Christmas movie, I could watch it every day!! I also love The Holiday and Home Alone :)


  2. Caroline Henson says:

    I love Home Alone & Elf, I think we watch them every year! I also like The Family Man & Nightmare Before Christmas xx

  3. Caitylis says:

    My all time favourite is The Holiday! I just love Cameron Diaz in it! I really don’t like Elf… (don’t shoot me!)
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  4. Jade Wilson says:

    Polar express is my all time Christmas film!! I love it so much!!

  5. Rosie Ireland says:

    Home Alone is a must at Christmas but ELF has me in tears of joy every year. Guess what I’m doing today haha

  6. Sarah Sullivan says:

    Yes to Home Alone, but I also recommend Muppets Christmas Carol! my favorite

  7. Izzy K says:

    Elf is my favourite Christmas film! Gonna need to watch these all before the 25th ;)


  8. There is nothing better than getting into the Christmas spirit than movies!

  9. Alice Fairweather says:

    Oh yes! The best selection of festive films ever! My new favourite is Miracle on 34th Street! x

  10. Lady Writes says:

    I love Christmas films, my favourites include Elf and Home Alone as well! x

  11. The Holiday is my all time favourite movie, I am so looking forward to watching it over and over this month x

  12. Kelly-Anne Combes says:

    Oh I love the holiday, one of my favs.

  13. I LOVE all of these films! My top two are Elf and The Holiday!! Oooo and Love Actually!