7th December 2017

A Festive Makeup Look

I’m well aware that I have recently shared a makeup look (read here) but I have been experimenting with a couple of new treats, some of which have been kindly gifted to me and others that I have picked up from recommendations on Twitter. It’s basically just another excuse to share a couple of makeup products that I have been testing out recently.

I have leaped over to a new foundation after a good year of loving the Gosh X-Ceptional Foundation. This one is the elf cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation. Apart from the shade being slightly too dark, nothing that a bit of moisturiser mixed in can’t fix, the coverage is lovely. I think it gives my skin a nice flawless complexion. It is a lightweight, oil-free formulation which is unusual to what I tend to wear but I really surprisingly really like it – especially when you are wanting to spend more hours in bed rather than caking on foundation.

I’ve also been testing out the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo*. It’s a lovely little set which would be perfect for Christmas presents. It comes with a little sample of the Meticulous Powder and a Divine Lipstick in the shade Alexis. Firstly, the powder is lovely! It sets my face makeup perfectly and allows it to last a lot longer than usual. The lipstick looks a lot more daring in the tube than what it does on the lips. It’s a lovely pinky-red toned lipstick which I think is perfect for this festive season. I have recently fell in love with matte lipstick formulas so having a cream based lipstick is something completely unique to what I have been used to. It’s moisturising and doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry after a day of wearing.

I was a bit unsure to whether Joan Collins Timeless Beauty was cruelty free however after doing some research I found out that the brand wasn’t being sold in China and are ready available at an affordable price at Marks and Spencer.

I’m still so madly in love with the Makeup Revolution Soph X Eyeshadow Palette however I have been daring and started using shades: Strawberry Sweets and Festive Flame in the outer corner whilst using Penguin in the inner corner to create a lovely red toned smokey eye look. I think it looks lovely on the eyes and definitely making me feel a lot more festive. I have recently been steering away from using eyeliner because I just don’t think this particular makeup look needs it.

I have, however, switched up my mascara to the elf cosmetics Volumizing & Defining Mascara. I feel as though the formula has gave my lashes slightly more volume but not as much as other mascaras that I have been using. The product does have have vitamins B & E which helps the condition of your lashes too which is different to other formulations. One big difference that I have noticed with this mascara compared to others is the lasting power. If your looking for something which will stay put even in the lashing down rain, this mascara should be on your wish list.

What products have you been reaching for recently? Can you recommend any other products worth trying?

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10 responses to “A Festive Makeup Look”

  1. I’ve also got a festive makeup edit coming soon! Anything glowy is a yes from me!

  2. Caroline Henson says:

    I’m so glad elf is available in Superdrug now, they have so many good products! I’m desperate to get my hands on the Soph palette, love the colours you used xx

  3. Gemma Louise says:

    I haven’t tried anything from Joan Collins yet but apparently everything is lovely!

    Gemma Louise

  4. Sarah Sullivan says:

    been using the elf foundation but ive found it brings me out in spots, its a very good foundation mind haha

  5. Lady Writes says:

    Love the matching eyes and lips combo here x

  6. Alice Fairweather says:

    Loving this look on you, you look amazing girl x

  7. Rosie Ireland says:

    YESS I am all about this look! Wow! You rock it!

  8. Caitylis says:

    Oh my gosh those red shades look gorgeous on your eyes! Really tempted to try red shaded shadows now… I’ve always played it safe with nudes and browns!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  9. Mimi Rose says:

    That palette looks great. Great look on you.

  10. It’s such a cute look! The eye colours suit you so much!! I’m reaching for any red lipstick at the moment and I’ve recently fallen back in love with the original naked palette!