5th December 2017

Five Tips To Survive Christmas Shopping

I am usually super organised when it comes to Christmas but for the past two years I have found it rather difficult. This year I am determined to stick to a budget and not over spend. Christmas shouldn’t be about how much you spend on presents anyway! With a couple of years practice, I have figured out a couple ways to help you stay on track which I hope can help you out if you still haven’t tackled Christmas shopping yet…

I always write lists. The first list is full of all the people I am buying for this year. The second list is any ideas of gifts for that person – whether it’s something I have thought of or something they have told me. I usually write down the prices of each item to help me budget as well.

Budget! It’s something I am hopeless at doing in every other aspect of my life but I can certainly do it when it comes to buying Christmas presents. Firstly, how much can you actually afford to spend? I usually put a total at the top of the page of how much I want to realistically spend. In addition to this, I usually write a price next to each name.

Do you know those Christmas Gift Sets you can usually buy in nearly every shop? For example, the Lynx Shower Gel and Deodorant sets. Well, don’t be fooled by them! I usually get one for my cousin and brother-in-law, although they are packaged nicely I would highly recommend shopping around. They could be cheaper somewhere else or it might even be cheaper to buy the products separately and wrap them up with other things. I’m going to do a blog post about my DIY Christmas Hampers later this month.

The one thing that might take the ease of Christmas shopping is Loyalty Cards. I had about £20 saved up on my Boots card which I asked to take off my shopping when I spent a fair few pounds in there the other day. There’s usually vouchers for doubling up your points too which always helps.

You can find some great bargains by shopping the sales. I actually found my aunt’s present in a closing down sale but I know she is going to love it. There are always going to be things being discounted around this time of year as well so it’s worth setting some time aside to have a browse.

So that’s my top tips for saving money this Christmas. I find these tips to really help me! What are your tips for saving money at Christmas?

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11 responses to “Five Tips To Survive Christmas Shopping”

  1. Izzy K says:

    Budgeting is something that I really need to work on lol!


  2. Caitylis says:

    I purchased that note book from Paperchase about a year back. My mum told me not to get it because I “wouldn’t stick to a budget” and I was just wasting money in my budget by buying it in the first place… turns out she was right… lol!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  3. Budgeting is the most important at this time of the year!

  4. Mimi Rose says:

    I think I have pretty much nailed the Christmas shop and it’s was sales and promotions that helped with the overall budgeting. These are fantastic tips for those that haven’t started.

  5. Sarah Sullivan says:

    we are all set this year, I need to get my husband his but that’s next week and I’m making everyone else’s! Bring on the 25th!

  6. I have the tightest budget ever this year as we’re in the middle of moving house eek! I agree that lists are the way forward! Ooo you’ve reminded me that I have a load of Boots points too, such a good idea using them for this time of year! x

  7. Alice Fairweather says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your tips. Lists really help me too, I like to feel organised! x

  8. Rosie Ireland says:

    I’m gonna need to live by all of these tips. I’m off for my last stint of shopping on Sunday.. wish me luck!

  9. Caroline Henson says:

    I think the best thing to do is shop around. I compare every shop an item is available in & I try not to buy anything online without a discount code. I know what you mean about those gift sets, it’s often much cheaper to buy the items individually & put them together yourself xx

  10. Lady Writes says:

    Budgeting is key! I used to always go way overboard but now I have a wedding to save for I’ve got my budgeting hat on! x

  11. Gemma Louise says:

    Black Friday is great for picking up a good bargain or two! x

    Gemma Louise