9th December 2017

Things To Do During December

December is definitely my favourite month of the year. For most, a lot of people are running around like headless chickens trying to get presents brought and sort things out ready for Christmas but in the midst of it all there’s so many lovely ways to get in the festive spirit that you may or may not be feeling at the moment.

A Christmas Market is one of my favourite things to get me into the festive spirit. This year I have a whole new area to explore Christmas markets at. I’ve been told that the German Market in Birmingham city centre is a must as well as the one in Telford town centre too. I like to get there in the early afternoon or have a little wander in the evening when it’s cold but your wrapped up in your favourite knitwear, Christmas songs playing in the background and fairy lights all around you. Grabbing a hot chocolate whilst your there is always a must!

Winter Wonderland in London has always been something I have been desperate to do. The year I did live in London, I didn’t spend too long there but I would love to go again to experience all the shows, attractions and ice rink. To be fair, it is probably very similar to the usual Christmas market but from what I remember it was on a much wider scale…maybe one day, eh!

I obviously need to mention watching Christmas films whilst decorating your bedroom, flat/house or your tree. What better way to get you into the Christmas spirit?! There’s always some kind of festive film or TV Show on in the background of doing just about anything in my flat at the moment. To let you in on a little secret, this started in November when I started planning my Blogmas content. You can always head to this post if you are wanting to know some of my favourites.

I always love a good old Secret Santa. I haven’t done any in person but there have been plenty of blogger secret santa opportunities over the years. I’m doing Sarah’s Cruelty Free & Vegan Bloggers Secret Santa this year and I’m so nervous for my person to get her gift – I just hope she likes everything. It’s a little challenge to see how your friends, work colleagues or even family members really know you. Usually there is a budget, for Sarah’s there was a minimum budget of £10 excluding shipping. It’s just something fun to get yourself involved in and is a brilliant way to meet new bloggers too.

Obviously, the last one just comes down to personal choice and commitments but cherish those family moments. Last year, I attended church with my cousin and just being together with family and friends singing Christmas carols was one of my favourite things to reminisce on. What better way to celebrate Christmas and the run-up to the day than to create memories that are shared with loved ones?! That could be singing as loud as you can to Christmas songs whilst doing some festive baking or binge watching all of the Home Alone series.

These are just a few ways that keep me in the festive spirit throughout December. I mean I could add how magical Christmas in New York would be or the Christmas parade at Disneyland Paris but I have a feeling they are a bit too unrealistic for my December’s to-do list this year.

What’s your favourite things to do during December? Is there something specific on your Christmas Bucket List?

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10 responses to “Things To Do During December”

  1. Christmas markets are one of my favourite things to do!

  2. Caroline Henson says:

    I love going to Christmas markets & pigging out on German sausages haha. I always go to the one in Manchester as it’s all over the city & there’s so much to do xx

  3. Sarah Sullivan says:

    I am desperate to get to a Christmas market! but all weve done is watch movies haha

  4. Annabelle says:

    I love this little list! Christmas markets are always so fun to visit, and Christmas movies are a must! We’re doing a secret santa next week and I couldn’t be more excited!

    x Annabelle

  5. Lady Writes says:

    This has made me feel even more festive than I did before! xx

  6. Alice Fairweather says:

    A Christmas market is a must! x

  7. Rosie Ireland says:

    Christmas and December are literally my busiest weeks of the year. Before I know it it’s Christmas!! Lovely post!

  8. Caitylis says:

    I was planning on going to Lincoln Christmas Market last Sunday but they cancelled it because of a weather warning of snow! I was so upset, and then we had no snow! How annoying!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  9. Mimi Rose says:

    I haven’t been to a Christmas market just yet! There’s so many I want to go to!

  10. I’ve never been to winter wonderland but I would love to! Spending time with my little family is my number one favourite thing to do ever, especially at Christmas!