2nd February 2018

Money 101

Everyone has really been enjoying my ‘tricks for newbie bloggers’ posts recently and if you haven’t read them I highly recommend reading (you can give them a read here and here). Anyway I thought I would do a bit of a post about money. I think it’s a tough subject when it comes to blogging and I also think that it is quite personal to each individual situation. However, I am writing this from a prospective of a young person with an 8hr sales assistant job who lives by herself and being screwed over by the government financially because I don’t live in a council property or have a child. Hopefully a couple of you might relate to these points I am going to make.

The first thing which I believe is relatable by many of you reading is earning money through doing something that you love/enjoy. A lot of bloggers make money. It’s no secret. Collaborations often lead to items getting sent for review and social media placements for free or paid work for writing something specific for your own website. It’s something that takes a lot of hard work as well as confidence for you to put yourself out there. My advice is don’t be nervous to ask a brand for their bloggers/press contact because the worst they can do is say no. If graphics or photography is your thing then you could always freelance in this. It is something great to add on to your CV or talk about within the interview as it enables you to build and enhance new transferable skills. I know that Jemma creates commissioned artwork, Polly has her own online shop whilst studying at University as well as working with other small businesses, Laura does media kits, logos and re-brands for bloggers and Kaye takes outfit photos for bloggers. It’s something worth considering if you have a real passion for a certain skill or hobby.

The one thing that I’ve struggled with since living on my own is budgeting. The worst thing in the world is sitting down and writing a list of bills that need paid and how much money you have available for food, utilities and treats but I’ve done it for two months straight and trust me it helps out so much. I wrote a list for the first time when I went shopping last week and I didn’t even steer away from the list because I knew exactly what I wanted. Now I am not saying I am an expert because I am far from it but it has really helped me writing everything down.

Shopping. Don’t get me wrong I love it. Who doesn’t love shopping – when your shopping for things that you enjoy like makeup or fashion but food shopping is another part of adulting that I really don’t enjoy until recently. I love finding offers and deals on obviously being on such a low budget I have been enjoying shopping around. I actually found Tesco to be the most affordable for a weekly/fortnightly food shop but I have managed to find some great offers on the Just Freebies site. The website has a range of free items where most require a couple of simple details and then it will get sent out in the post to you. I probably have a look on here every couple of days to see if there is anything worth receiving which in most cases there are.

Do you have nifty ways to make or save money? I would love to know what your ideas are!

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8 responses to “Money 101”

  1. Alice Fairweather says:

    What a great post! I’m desperately trying to save money! x

  2. Budgeting is my number one money saving tool! It’s hard to always stick to the amounts that I set aside for certain things but it certainly helps so much! x

  3. Sheena Sreekeessoon says:

    When I first moved out I found it really hard to budget but what I did was cut out my daily spends; my weakness used to be coffee. In my head the £2 was such a tiny amount that I could justify. But multiplying that amount to cover my coffee needs for a month wasn’t an amount I could justify. So my solution was to make my own coffee and save up for a city break! I’m going in 3 weeks so I hope that helps! x


  4. Gemma Louise says:

    I’m not great with money to be honest but I found opening two separate bank accounts helped me! I use one for paying the bills with and one for spending so I know when I can treat myself to something nice!

  5. Lady Writes says:

    I’ve never been great with saving, but now we have the wedding and a house to save for I’m a lot better! x

  6. I am pretty good with saving, and put quite a bit away before spending anything. I hope I will always do that, as it is so important to save for a rainy day!

  7. Rosie Ireland says:

    I’ve always been ok with saving but at the detriment of having a life. I’m all or nothing!

  8. Mimi Rose says:

    I must say I am ok with saving, my husband isn’t so much. But these are great ideas.