2nd January 2020


This time of year is always full of new beginnings and everyone asking about resolutions and goals for the next year. Usually I am the same, last year I set myself 19 things that I wanted to do which I will go on to talk about in a second or two, but this year I feel unusually different. I don’t want to set myself a whole load of resolutions that I may or may not achieve. This year I am going to set myself some goals of things that I want to continue to do and to improve on. I know this sounds a bit odd but there are things that I have accomplished in 2019 that I am proud of and this feeling is something quite different for me.

So the 19 for 2019 list was a bit over the top however when you break it down, I probably have completed about half of them. I’m not wanting to be all negative nancy on here anymore so I am only going to talk about the ones that I have accomplished rather than reflecting on the negative stuff. Last year I wanted to take more time out for myself and I have definitely done that. I’ve been to Carlisle, Manchester and Bellingham on my own. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and being in my own company something that I didn’t think I would ever be able to say. I also managed to tick off another goal too and that was to read at least six books. All you readers are probably thinking that is nothing but for a dyslexic, reading six books is quite an accomplishment. One of my favourites has actually been The Secret Lives of Colour. It has a whole load of fascinating but important histories of different colours. Just take my word for it, if you are a creative this is a must. Another resolution that I set myself was to learn how to drive and get a job. I realised at the tender age of 25 that I’ve not been the best at adulting since I moved back to the North East. Luckily, I have passed my theory test last year and I have a little part time gig to go alongside my University degree. Unfortunately music isn’t involved but I wish it was. Alongside the adulting front, I wanted to start thinking about my future career so I gained work experience within the fashion industry (another tick) and went on to finish my first year at University. In a nutshell that’s everything that I managed to tick off last year but guess what? I am okay with that.

Moving onto the “resolution” list for this year. Please take this with a pinch of salt because the more positive attitude driven Yasmina is only going to be looking at the good things in life these days and like I said earlier I just to improve on and continue doing things that I started on in 2019. So here’s the list of things that I hope to accomplish by this time next year:


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Is there anything that you want to achieve this year? What’s your thoughts about setting goals?

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