Hello! Welcome to the obligatory ‘about’ page. I’m guessing you have stopped here to find out a little bit about me so here it goes. 

My name is Yasmina; a 20 something year old student from the UK, more specifically, based between Shrewsbury and Newcastle Upon Tyne. This all seems very speed datey, doesn’t it?

I started this little corner of the internet in 2014 as a way of procrastinating but also as a ‘f**k you dyslexia, I can write shit’. It quickly became a place where I would ramble on about my favourite cruelty free beauty items, snaps of rare days out and a lot of bath bomb shots. Even to this day it still includes a lot of that stuff but I’ve also explored other interests like hanging out with friends at cute cafés and attempting outfit posts just to show the world that you don’t always have to be a size 6/8 to be a fashion blogger.

So, why ‘July Journal’? I was born in July, obvs. My teenage diary was, essentially, my life. I wrote everything in that little thing. It’s probably still hiding somewhere in my bedroom. The July Journal is the sister to that. It’s where I can explore my photography and hopefully improve on my writing skills.

I’m forever dreaming of working social media or digital marketing or even for a charity like the Prince’s Trust. The emphasis is definitely on dreaming because it’s probably never going to happen. Although I have met many new brands and people since starting this online diary of mine, including my blogging bestie Alice.

Nowadays you will probably find me deep in a book (or scrolling down Instagram and Twitter), sipping a hot chocolate watching Netflix, YouTube or a Disney movie. I hate coffee and I am not sophisticated enough for wine but I am partial to a cocktail or two. I want this little place to feel welcome and as if your talking to your best friend or sister. I don’t want you to ever feel alone because it will upset me. It’s me and you together, okay?!

Fancy a chat? Interested in collaborating? Throw me an email: yasmina@julyjournal.com!

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